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TrainFinder ( was established in 1996 as the first web based network and marketplace for all toy and model train hobbyists. Over the past 18 years, TrainFinder has supported over 20 million train enthusiasts locate train products, train shows, and train stores. TrainFinder continues to work hard to provide veteran, new, and causal hobbyists with the best online toy and model train experience..

TrainFinder’s mission is to support and promote the toy and model train hobby by connecting experienced, new, and causal train enthusiasts through the world’s largest train network and marketplace.

TrainFinder has devoted the last several years rebranding and developing the most advanced set of web services available for the toy and model train hobby. TrainFinder reengineered and refurbished all its services from to Most notable, TrainFinder released an all new, advanced multi-tenant marketplace enabling train stores, manufacturers, and individual collectors to list their train inventory in a single, searchable catalog..

It’s simple – TrainFinder is dedicated to the toy and model train hobby ONLY! This commitment to the train hobby helps streamline and focus the experience for our guests.

Yes. The TFCCA, the TrainFinder Collectors Club, enables individual collectors to post trains for sale, manage their collection, post pictures and ideas for layouts, and much more. Join today!

Yes. Train stores, dealers, and manufacturers have a host of options and services available to list and sell products to our guests and TFCCA members. Contact us to find out what option is best for you. TrainFinder’s mission is to help you market and sell your products to hobbyists around the globe

No, TrainFinder only provides the technology and ability for train stores, manufacturers, and individual collectors to sell trains in the TrainFinder marketplace. It is important to note, that to offer our guests and members the most complete train hobby experience, TrainFinder does sell specialty train novelties direct in its storefront. It is outside the TrainFinder mission and we work hard not to compete directly with our train stores and TFCCA members.

TrainFinder is always working on improvements. Coming early 2014 will be…

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