Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Commitment to Our Members and Guests

At TrainFinder, we are motivated and inspired every day by how our members and guests use our service to both help find trains and advance the hobby experience. It is our pleasure to serve train enthusiasts worldwide with our commitment to continue the develop of breakthrough ideas and to stay connected to what is most important to you. 

Our Value Statement

As the premier toy and model train experience on the web, TrainFinder has maintained an uncompromising dedication to the hobby since its launch on 1996. Focused on understanding the needs of our members and guests, we continue to be committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions that embrace our passion for technology and the hobby. We pride ourselves on listening to our members, guests, and customers, and hold ourselves accountable to honor our commitments, provide results, and strive for the highest quality. 


The TrainFinder mission is to support and promote the toy and model train hobby by connecting experienced, new, and causal train enthusiasts through the world's largest train network and marketplace. It is TrainFinders goal to help continue the of toy and model trains for many generations to come.

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