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TFCCA TFCCA Charter Member: Bobby Stricklin
Charter Member Since: February 11, 1998  
Address: 18 Browntown Rd.
Asheville North Carolina 28803
Phone: (828) 274-9824
Hours to Call: 9AM-10PM EST
Email: trainbuddy@bellsouth.net
Last Updated: December 18, 2012

  Welcome Aboard from TRAINBUDDY! AM I LIONEL NUTS OR WHAT.... Over in the dealer section TRAINBUDDIES has posted 1300 modern era trains for sale ( all with pictures... and there's even more. WHAT STARTED ALL THIS??? During the '50s my collection included a 4' x 8' table, track, transformer and a wonderful LIONEL LINES aluminum, lighted passenger set and black die cast steam engine. During college and early career "my trains got away". Then, in 1979 MRS. TRAINBUDDY brought home a present... a Lionel steam engine freight set. The JOY was rekindled. In 1997, along with collecting friend Lee, we discovered the internet and eBay. I am proud of my 2000++ positive feedbacks and the fun I have AT THE AUCTION. During 1998 we established www.trainbuddies.com (in the dealer section here). We have 1300 +/- LISTINGS POSTED (all with pictures). I continue to enjoy and appreciate the friendships made "OUT IN CYBERSPACE". Thanks for reading about me... and I look foward to "Bumping Into You" TOO!  

My Trains for Sale: (7)
Description Manufacturer Part # Gauge Category Price
Picture  #6830-10 NAVY (blue) SUB on FLAT - 50th Anniversary issue Lrrc
Lionel 26636 O Specialized Cars $98.50
Picture  PW Scale 6464 Series === GREAT NORTHERN / yes PS-1 styled
Lionel 27285-split O Box Cars $65.00
Picture  TEXAS & PACIFIC 40 ton STOCK CAR w COWS = TCA u'06
Lionel 52403-tca O Reefers/Stock Cars $109.00
Picture  PWC #3510 - Operating SATELLITE Car = Up up and Away
Lionel 29854-pwc O Specialized Cars $59.50
Picture  CLEAR SHELL AQUARIUM CAR - #3435 50th Anniversary Edition MOTORIZED
Lionel 29300 O Specialized Cars $79.50
Picture  WARBONNET Santa Fe TOFC - Lots u'09 / Traditional O
Lionel 52523-lots O Piggybacks $105.00
Picture  SMOKEY BEAR - Forest Service Airplane on Flat - TTOS u'06
Lionel 52505-ttos O Flat Cars $85.00
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