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ARTrain =Paint Colors= VAT CAR u'02 1/250 $79.50 
Manufacturer: Lionel
Gauge: O
Category: Vat Cars
Condition: NEW/OB
Part #: 52283-artrain
Quantity: 1
Entered: March 25, 2012
Updated: March 25, 2012
Merchant: TrainBuddies
Center Information, call: (828) 274-9824
Center To order, call: (828) 274-9824
Center Email:  trainbuddy@bellsouth.net
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From the early 1970s into the millennium ARTRAIN ran the real rails bringing high quality art to small town USA at their railheads. To assist with fundraising they produced an annual LIONEL model starting in 1987 and through 2006. Production quantities were all between 1/200 & 1/800. From 2002 here is the ARTRAIN VAT CAR - with appropriate VATS of different colored PAINTS.- SUPER COOL and Only 250 were made. Search ARTRAIN to see what other cars we may have on board. You don't get many chances at these cars today!

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